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  Win8PE SE60231.58 KB'Win8PE SE' project supports Win8 RTM version x86 and x64.ChrisR, JFX, Lancelot
  folder.project5268 Bytes'Win8PE SE' project supports Win8 RTM version x86 and x64.ChrisR, JFX, Lancelot, Galapo
  Main Configuration5356.54 KBWin8PE SE Main Configuration EditorNightMan, yahooUK, JFX, ChrisR
  Images Configuration52520.33 KBImages tools and Information PluginChrisR
  Share Plugins18467.87 KB(BlueLink v1.1.0.4) Time To Share Application Plugins between projects easily by using WB link :)Lancelot, BlueLife, ChrisR

  folder.project27.07 KBAdd programs to your projects - Most Plugins already include all needed files inside. You can browse each category and select which programs should be added.TheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)


       Win8PESE/Apps/File Tasks
  Q-Dir Nenad192.79 MB(x86/x64 v6.23) Folder management with Quadro-View techniqueLancelot
  Total Commander58.14 MB(x86/x64 v8.51a) Shareware file manager for Windows® 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8, and Windows® 3.1.Lancelot

       Win8PESE/Apps/File Tasks/Compression
  7-Zip File Manager48148.73 KB(x86/x64 packed v9.20 or 15.12 release) A file archiver with a high compression ratio. Formats: 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR (packing/unpacking) and ARJ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, DEB, DMG, HFS, ISO, LZH, LZMA, MSI, NSIS, RAR, RPM, UDF, WIM, XAR and Z (unpacking only)saydin77, Jon Fleming, Lancelot
  7-Zip File Manager_Files33.09 MB(x86/x64 packed v9.20) File Container Pluginsaydin77, Jon Fleming, Lancelot
  7-Zip File Manager_Files AB73.1 MB(x86/x64 packed vAlfa-Beta :> ) File Container Pluginsaydin77, Jon Fleming, Lancelot

       Win8PESE/Apps/File Tasks/File Copy

       Win8PESE/Apps/File Tasks/File Find
  Super Finder XT306.64 MB(v1.6.3.2) Powerful replacement for Windows XP™ built-in search. Search files, folders and other data efficiently and easily.Jon Fleming

       Win8PESE/Apps/File Tasks/File Unlock

       Win8PESE/Apps/HD Tasks
  folder.project34.29 KBBackup files, create images from HDD's, partition resizing, etc.TheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)

       Win8PESE/Apps/HD Tasks/Defrag

       Win8PESE/Apps/HD Tasks/Diagnostic

       Win8PESE/Apps/HD Tasks/File Undelete

       Win8PESE/Apps/HD Tasks/Imaging

       Win8PESE/Apps/HD Tasks/MBR
  BootIce1650.86 KBBOOTICE is a portable utility to manipulate the MBR or PBR of your disk. Supported boot records: Wee, Grub4Dos, Grub2, SYSLINUX, Plop Boot Manager, Windows NT 5/6 etc. And, partitions management, sector editing, backing up, restoring operations, are also supported.Lancelot, Galapo, ChrisR
  MbrFix with MbrFix_Wiz25609.73 KB(x86/x64 MbrFix v1.3.0.0) Perform several Master Boot Record (MBR) tasks, like backing up, restoring, fixing the boot code in the MBR, etc. Made for Windows NT 2000 XP 2003 Vista Win7 Win8 and Windows PE.NightMan, Jon Fleming, Lancelot

       Win8PESE/Apps/HD Tasks/Recover

  folder.project34.27 KBWeb Browsers and other Internet related addonsTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  Flash Add29.63 KBAdds Flash Player.Lancelot
  Flash Package188.73 MB(v20.0.0.267 - (x86 17 MB)) This is a Flash Package Plugin to be used by other Plugins.Saydin77, Lancelot
  Flash Package x641810.23 MB(v20.0.0.267 - (x64 23 MB)) This is a Flash Package Plugin to be used by other Plugins.Saydin77, Lancelot, ChrisR
  Opera v12 SL39429.75 KB(x86/x64 v12.17 build 1863) Opera best browser ever :)Saydin77, Lancelot
  Opera v12 sl File1716.28 MBThis Plugin only contains opera binary to be used by Opera Plugin.Saydin77, Lancelot
  Opera v12 sl File x641617.96 MBThis Plugin only contains x64 opera binary to be used by Opera Plugin.Saydin77, Lancelot


       Win8PESE/Apps/Network/Remote Connect

  Portabilitron9220.91 KBThis Plugin is designed for the applications that are already portable or pseudo-portable. With it you can add shortcuts to Desktop, Start Menu, a Start Menu custom folder, Startup entry with command line parameters, file associations (separate them by commas, for example: txt,ini,cfg) and you can even choose to run the applications from RAM (boot.wim) or not. This Plugin is ready for up to fifty program entries. If you need more just copy and rename the "Portabilitron Plugin" file as many times as needed.Aeolis
  PortableApps.com114.39 MB(v12.0.5) The Platform™ is a full-featured portable software system that lets you build your own custom portable app suite. -- Portable Apps will be installed automatically.NetFanTom, ChrisR
  PStart and Papps182.54 MBPStart is a simple tray tool to start user defined applications. Designed to run portable applications, you can start anything runnable from USB key devices or removable disks.ChrisR
  Search Pstart3341.85 KBSearch PStart.exe in PStart folder on a drives to launch itwimb









  folder.project3275 BytesKeep in mind 'BS Explorer' shell have special 'Setting' folderTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  01 README Apps Setting4842 BytesBS Explorer have special StartMenu "Setting" Folder. Nothing critical, only annoying things happens time to time. Better to avoid making "Setting" subfolder Shortcuts if you do not know what you are doing. Further you are free to do as you like.Lancelot

  folder.project34.27 KBProductivity related programsTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  HotKey724.08 KBCreate HotKeyNikzzzz

  MultiRes1697.28 KB(v1.58) Adds MultiRes to your PE build. So you can change resolution easily :).Lancelot

  Media Player Classic-HC18103.69 KB(x86/x64 v1.7.9) Media Player Classic-HC is an extremely light-weight, open source media player for Windows. --- It supports all common video and audio file formats available for playback.ChrisR, Oscar
  Media Player Classic-HC File1030.04 MBPlugin only contains opera binary to be used by mpc-hc pluginChrisR, Oscar

  xCHM372.15 MB(v1.23) xCHM is a viewer for Compiled HTML Help (CHM) files having lots of chm view features :>.Galapo, NightMan

  folder.project3242 BytesKeep in mind 'BS Explorer' shell have special 'System' folderTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  01 README Apps System4837 BytesBS Explorer have special StartMenu "System" Folder. Nothing critical, only annoying things happens time to time. Better to avoid making "System" subfolder Shortcuts if you do not know what you are doing. Further you are free to do as you like.Lancelot

       Win8PESE/Apps/System Tools
  folder.project34.29 KBAddons related to the improvement of the overall systemTheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)
  LetterSwap1549.8 KBSynchronizes letters of disks Host & Guest OSNikzzzz
  Portable Finder CMD1563.32 KBBatch from laddanator to get your personal Portable tasks (Flexibilty with editing batch the way you like...). For use with other media than the boot one where the option already exists with %CDDrive% :)laddanator
  ServiWin21233.81 KB(v1.66) View list of installed drivers and allow to modify their startup priority. Displays the list of services on your system and lets you manage them ...ChrisR

       Win8PESE/Apps/System Tools/Debug
  Sysinternals Process Monitor (Procmon)857.14 KBProcess Monitor (Procmon) is an advanced monitoring tool for Windows that shows real-time file system, Registry and process/thread activityJonF

       Win8PESE/Apps/System Tools/Explorer Addons
  Attribute Changer Petges183.35 MB(v7.11) Attribute Changer shell extension is a power user tool to change all kind of file and folder attributes, date, time.ChrisR, Mikka
  HashTab v5 (olegpov)141.19 MB(x86/x64) HashTab is a Windows shell extension which adds a tab called "File Hashes" to the Windows Explorer file properties. Version 5 is free for personal use and it is not free if you use it at work. > The version 3 is fully free and functional with major hash formats inside.olegpov

       Win8PESE/Apps/System Tools/HW Info

       Win8PESE/Apps/System Tools/Registry
  RegShot2 Unicode82.38 MB(x86/x64 v2.0.1.70) Compare changes in the registry between two moments.Lancelot
  Runscanner KBProgram developed by Paraglider to load a remote registry and run a program and then unload the remote registry. Originally developed for non-PE-aware antispyware applications. Includes a shortcut for editing the target registry in regedit, and a shell extension for running any program.Paraglider, JonF, Lancelot

       Win8PESE/Apps/System Tools/Windows Setup
  WinNTSetup322650.39 KB( JFX's WinNTSetup3 x86/x64.#$xInstall Windows 2k/XP/2003/2008/2012/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 x86/x64ChrisR


  folder.project163 BytesMain Building Plugins
  0 - PreConfig55611.13 KBMounting source and more...NightMan, yahooUK, JFX, ChrisR, Lancelot
  Junction1448.5 KBJunc some folders to another drive (another disk, ramdrive) to speed up build. Mainly Speed up CreateISO and PostConfig stages. Using Ramdrive 4GB adviced ;)Lancelot
  Retrieve Tools2747.59 KBRetrieve hostOS Tools and Download ONCE Wim Tools...ChrisR
  1 - Copy Files84118.37 KBMake folders and copy all basic files. This step is fundamental to add all needed system files.NightMan, YahooUK, JFX, ChrisR
  2 - Shell & Config653.02 MBConfiguring shell, startup and more...NightMan, yahooUK, JFX, ChrisR
  5 - WoW64 Basic31644.71 KBWoW64 (Windows on Windows64) provides support for running 32bit programs in a 64bit environment.JFX
  6 - Common Files57.41 KBcommon library (VB5, VB6 and etc)JFX, Altorian
  9 - Autorun838.96 KBAdd Autorun.exe, autorun.cmd at startUpParaglider
  CdDrive - X: - Y:21960.12 KBMountPEMEdia - Drive Letter of Cd-Usb For x86 & x64 PE2/3/4 ProjectsMax_Real Qnx, Lancelot, ChrisR
  CdDrive - X: - Y: Win8PESE18.48 KBContainer Plugin - Contains MountPEmedia.ini For Win8PESEChrisR
  Format653.5 KBInternational format for Win7PESE, Win8PESE, WIn8.1SE, you can not run this Plugin directly.ChrisR
  HostOS Import Manager733.63 KBImport HostOS settings to PE. Locale - Format - Keyboard - TimeZone ...ChrisR
  Install Packages321.6 KBInstalls Multiple specified packages .cab or .msu in WinPESE image.ChriSR
  KeyBoard526.29 KBKeyBoard for Win7PE, you can not run this Plugin directly.ChrisR
  Locale3293.68 KBLocale settings for Win SE,you can not run this plugin directly.WinPESE Community
  Retrieve More Localized Info2397.84 KBProvides detailed Localization informations of Source and HostOS by using LCID.exe of fxscrpt. Additionaly provides HostOS Utilities.FxScrpt, Lancelot, Max_Real QNX, BlueLife, ChrisR
  Macro Library (ML)42721.15 KB(v42.146) Macro Library (ML) contains Macros(=Commands) which helps creating Plugins and Projects easier.Pedro Le 15, Galapo, Lancelot
  Revision Check7316.07 KB'Revision Check' provides updates of project plugins that are updated with Revision number.Galapo, Lancelot
  TimeZone3137.35 KBTimeZone information for Win7PE, you can not run this Plugin directly.ChrisR
  Themes15115.68 KBAero themeChrisR
  Project Medicine2320.47 KBEveryone needs some medicine now and then - even Projects :) . (Post Core Medicine)JFX, Lancelot

  PXE Support2871.74 KBMapping Drive Y from Network instead of CD-ROM/USB2aCD
  Additional Files1713.71 KBAny files and folders you want to add manually :).yahooUK
  Additional Fonts and Codepages8216.99 KBAdditional fonts and codepage files - Uses AddFonts to make sure all the fonts inside a PE are installed and registered - Windows Control Panel Fonts and Windows Font CacheChrisR
  BitLocker17194.43 KBBitLocker Drive Encryption is a full disk encryption feature included with the Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Microsoft's Windows Vista, Windows 7, and with Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows 8, 8.1, 10 desktop operating systems.Ludovici, dera, ChrisR
  Calculator2018.56 KBWill add Calculator to the PE compilation.ChrisR, JFX, (John Adamopoulos (NT5))
  CMD Adds1633.33 KBAdds useful Standalone Command Utilities from your Source into your build. (NO network related)Lancelot
  Common components2250.94 KBCommon components (MDAC/HTA) - Microsoft Data Access Components / HTML Applications.ChrisR
  DirectX 116225.55 KB(x86/x64) DirectX11 for Win7PESE, Win8PESE, Win8.1SE, Win10PESE... and LDDM Graphics Subsystem.ChrisR
  .Net Framework18779.74 KBAdd .Net Framework 2.0 ... 4.5 (x86/x64) For Windows 8, 8.1,102aCD
  Hotplug17682.5 KBSafely remove hardware from your computer. MountStorePE v1.1.5.0 Mount drives after plugging in a usb hd/flash disk (+ Mount Hidden Partitions).Dera
  HwPnP35101.24 KBHwPnP: Install Plug and Play Hardware DetectionParaglider
  Internet Explorer 1095.81 MBFor Explorer-Shell (x68/x64)#$XOn x64 Internet Explorer now run in hybrid-mode, no separate versions are available2aCD, Aeolis
  Internet Favorites1222.19 KBInternet Favorites - Maintain Favorites (.url files)Lancelot
  IE Flash (ActiveX only)2218.1 MB(v11.8.800.175) Adobe Flash Playersaydin77, Zerojinny, dera, 2aCD, ChrisR
  IE Proxy Settings7229.86 KBInternet Explorer Proxy Settings2aCD, NightMan, Markus Debus, ChrisR
  MMC3680.2 KBMicrosoft Management ConsoleNightMan, Nikzzzz, 2aCD, Markus Debus, ChrisR
  MSI Installer1215.67 KBAdd msi installer support to your PE (32/64bit)dera, Modified by Altorian
  Ms Paint1812.46 KBAdds MS PaintGena People, JFX
  PowerShell1052 KBPowerShell is a command-line shell and associated scripting language built on .NET Framework. Needs Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 DVD as source and DotNet Framework2aCD
  Ms Viewer11216.08 KBImaging Devices - Picture and Fax Viewer (No Waik)ChrisR, Lancelot
  WordPad2413.22 KBAdds Word pad to the PE compilation.JFX, John Adamopoulos
  Network40189.05 KBAdds Network and Center service in your WinSE.ChrisR
  Notepad391.24 MB(NotePad2 v4.2.25). Add Notepad with Additional Associations and Features :)ChrisR, Lancelot, Galapo
  PENetwork424.54 MB(Latest v0.59.Beta1 mod or v0.58.2 Final) PE Network Manager.#$xIt needs Network plugin (LAN/WLAN) settings & support.Holger Kotsch
  Ports COM1, COM2 & LPT1215.73 KBAdds serial and printer parallel ports ACPI PNP, class and services entries.Norbert Ruland
  PPPoE (ADSL, Phone)5123.83 KBPoint-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE). It is used mainly with DSL services where individual users connect to the DSL modem over Ethernet.0scar
  Remote Desktop Connection2434.12 KBAdds Remote Desktop Connection client in PE1 to PE5.NightMan, JonF, Joshua, ChrisR
  Search1453.55 KBSearch programs and files - Search inDera, ChrisR, ied206
  MS Visual C++ Runtime1272.57 KBAllows you to run programs created with Microsoft Visual C++ 2005/2008/2010/2012Homes32, ChrisR
  MS Visual C++ Runtime File1055.91 MBThis plugin only contains MS Visual C++ Runtime binary to be used by VcRunTimes plugin.Homes32, ChrisR
  Vss1127.61 KBThe Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) is a set of COM interfaces that implements a framework to allow volume backups to be performed while applications on a system continue to write to the volumes.#$xSome apps may need this service.Dera, ChrisR

  Audio19607.5 KBAdds Audio to Win8PE Win10PEHieuvn-Bkav, ChrisR
  Original display drivers1572.45 KBAdd original display drivers to your Windows 8 PE#$XNew NVidia diplay driver can't be installed without reboot, but the original workChrisR
  Double Driver71.52 MB(v4.1.0.0) View all the drivers installed on your system and allows you to backup, restore, save and print all chosen drivers.#$xSupport XP/Vista/7 (32-bit or 64-bit)Kyhi,Chris
  Original NET drivers12179.87 KBAdd original NET drivers for WinPEChrisR
  Driver Integration2537.35 KBAdd Drivers to your Windows Vista or Windows 7/8/8.1/10 PE#$xDISM Export Driver feature requires Win8.1 or Win10 Host OSJFX, 2aCD, ChrisR

  Optimizations1532.16 KBOptimizations required to be made at pre-end of the buildChrisR, Lancelot
  1 - Pins1217.22 KBPins programs on Win7 Explorer, Only on the taskbar on Win8 with Ex7ForW8 (Explorer7 for Windows8), and on Win8.1 with StartIsBack and ClassicShellRui Paz
  2 - MakeShortcuts6350.31 KB(NT6x only) Make Shortcuts at BuildTimeChrisR
  PostConfig5140.6 KBFinalizing WinPESE...NightMan, ChrisR, JFX
  Create ISO751.53 MBCompile current compilation on the target directory to an ISO file using mkISOfs. Creating ISO (with optional boot manager)NightMan, ChrisR

  folder.project24.24 KBOtherOS Scripts Requires a Multibootloader (Grub4dos).TheOven Chefs
  Floppy-Images817.63 KBAdd Floppy images to the Bootmanager Menu ( Grub4Dos or Isolinux)2aCD
  Hirens Boot CD (for v 15.2 and possibly later)1420.76 KBAdds Hiren's Boot CD to the PE. Can provide access to *just* the windows tools -OR- also add the DOS and other stand-alone tools to the 'Other OS' Menu. Since version 14, Hirens includes Parted Magic as it's Linux Recovery option. It is listed as a separate option since it may be added here or by it's own 'Other OS' Plugin.sbaeder,ChrisR
  ISO Images420.06 KBAdd ISO images to Grub4Dos Boot Menu manager.ChrisR
  Memtest86+ 4.2018242.1 KBTool to diagnose and troubleshoot PC memory problems.Markus Debus
  Memtest86 5.1.0 UEFI22.4 MBMemTest86 is a free, thorough, stand alone memory test. --- Requires Grub2 efi boot manager for x64 build UEFI.ChrisR
  Parted Magic Linux2457.54 KBThe Parted Magic OS employs core programs of GParted and Parted to handle partitioning tasks with ease, while featuring other useful programs (e.g. Partition Image, TestDisk, fdisk, sfdisk, dd, and ddrescue) and an excellent set of info to benefit the user. An extensive collection of fileystem tools are also included. Requires the Grub4Dos or ISOLinux boot manager.Markus Debus, Jon Fleming, ChrisR
  Plop Boot Manager63.51 MB(v5.0.14) Plop Boot Manager by Elmar Hanlhofer. The Plop Boot Manager is a small program to boot different operating systems. The boot manager has a builtin ide cdrom and usb driver to access those hardware without the help/need of a bios.Lancelot
  XP-PE7191.44 KBAdd Gena to the Bootmanager Menu (Grub4Dos is needed)2aCD
  Multi-WIM2154.92 KBCreate Grub4Dos- or BCD- Bootmenu entries for multiple WIM-Files --- Create wimfile in previous compilation and copy it in dir, that you select2aCD

  0 - Shell Loader152.5 MBChoose between between the great PEShell swapper and the famous Chinese Pecmd v1201.88.5.73ChrisR
  1 - Explorer Shell243 MBExplorer Shell and File Explorer for Windows 8.ChrisR
  2 - BS Explorer 218312.37 KBBS Explorer ShellNightMan

  Wallpaper14839.4 KBConfigure your desktop backgroundHomes32
  Classic Shell81.83 MB(x86/x64) Classic start menu for Win7PESE and Win8PESE (with explorer shell). > This is Classic Shell v.3.5.1. Don't update the Classic Shell files to newer versions, they will not work in Win8PESE!ChrisR, fuwi
  ClearLock101.27 MB(1.4.0) Transparent Screen LockerHomes32
  My Computer - Name49.74 KBChange 'My Computer' Nameapinux
  ImDisk Ramdisk2588.22 KB(x86/x64) ImDisk is a virtual disk driver for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10... 2003/2008/2012...fuwi, Jon Fleming, ChrisR
  Korean IME154.04 MBKorean IME for Win7PESE, Win8PESE, Win8.1SE, Win10PESE#$xIt enables to read and write Hangul (Korean character) in PE.Zerojinny, ied206, ChrisR
  Power Options311.68 KBCustomize Power OptionsChrisR
  ShutdownPE171.83 MB(1.4.2) ShutdownPE provides basic and advanced options for shutdown/restart in PEHomes32
  Small Border Width317.37 KBReduced windows borders in Windows 8JFX

  PluginManager32586.88 KBPluginManager aids in managing plugin selectionsGalapo
  Mount2137.33 KBMount your Target and/or Source - Ease repair your build without rebuilding your projectyahooUK, ChrisR, Homes32, NightMan
  RegEdit2338.29 KBEdit Registry hives without rebuilding your project.yahooUK, ChrisR, Homes32
  BootIce Pauly251.11 MB(v1.332 x86/x64 2015.2.16.0) BOOTICE is a portable utility to manipulate the MBR or PBR of your disk. Supported boot records: Wee, Grub4Dos, Grub2, SYSLINUX, Plop Boot Manager, Windows NT 5/6 etc. And, partitions management, sector editing, backing up, restoring operations, are also supported.Lancelot, Galapo, ChrisR
  Changelog Win8PESE721178.62 KBProvides a changelogGalapo, Lancelot and all Supporters :>
  Debug Options511.61 KBDebug LocalizationChriSR
  Extract Wim Folders442.33 MBExtract boot.wim and install.wim(esd) to folders and get ready to build :) (Thanks ChrisR for 'Images Configuration'->'Extract Wim' option on WinPESE)Lancelot, ChrisR
  GetWaikTools1983.93 KB(v15.11) WAIK/ADK Tools dowload by JFX. To get the few tools like wimgapi, imagex, dism or the WIM filter drivers in only few Mb.ChrisR
  GFX boot116.18 MB(v1.0.0.5) GFX boot customizer: Create your GFX boot menu.ChrisR
  GFXBootMenu Win8PESE1411.48 KBContainer Plugin - Contains GFX-BOOT.GFX For Win8PESEChrisR
  GimageX7344.76 KB(v2.1.1) GImageX is a graphical user interface for the ImageX toolChrisR
  Grub4Dos12836.68 KB(grub4dos-0.4.6a-2016-01-19) Grub4dos is a versatile bootloader capable of dual/multi-booting DOS, Windows, Linux and other operating systems.ChrisR
  HiveUnload21634.62 KBHiveUnload.exe unloads all hives loaded from a folder (doubleclick HiveUnload.exe to get more info) ultimate useful utility for such tasksBlueLife, Lancelot
  Imdisk_Installer35456.66 KB(v2.0.9) This Plugin checks the existance and version of Imdisk to install or update unattendedly (automatically). Other Plugins that requires Imdisk can call this plugin to install or update Imdisk.Lancelot, Galapo
  Innounp M018189.1 KB(v0.45.0.0) UnOfficial and OpenSource extractor of Inno SetupLancelot
  MyPlugins Project Add207.88 MBConvert MyPlugins folder to a Project Folder.Lancelot
  NirSoft NirCmd File Container2364.93 KB(x86/x64 v2.7.5.222) Nirsoft NirCMD container pluginLancelot
  Plugin Link Organisations29117.43 KBDownload Plugins easly :)Lancelot
  Plugin Link Organisations - File1455.96 KBFile ContainerLancelot
  PC Packed602.72 MBPlugin Creator Packed . Prepare plugins for portable applications :>Lancelot
  PC Provide Files18917.99 KBPlugin Creator Provide Files :>Lancelot
  A43 - Simple510.55 KB(v) Copy Directly from Provide File FolderProvide Files Plugin Template
  HDhacker - Normal510.63 KB(v) Copy from Provide File Sub FolderProvide Files Plugin Template
  HDhacker - Example452.56 KB(v) Copy from Provide File Sub FolderProvide Files Plugin Template
  BlueScreenView - SubExe610.68 KB(v) Copy from Provide File Sub FolderProvide Files Plugin Template
  BlueScreenView - SubExe - Example493.18 KB(v) Copy from Provide File Sub FolderProvide Files Plugin Template
  HWmonitor MultiArch - MultiExe - SameFolder610.84 KB(x86/x64 v) Copy from Provide File Sub FolderProvide Files Plugin Template
  HWmonitor MultiArch - Multiple EXE Name + Same Folder41.1 MB(x86/x64 v) Copy from Provide File Sub FolderProvide Files Plugin Template
  DriverView ultiArch - SameExe - DifferentFolder511.14 KB(v) Copy from Provide File MultiArchitecture Sub FolderProvide Files Plugin Template
  DriverView MultiArch - Same EXE Name - Example5112.64 KB(v) Copy from Provide File MultiArchitecture Sub FolderProvide Files Plugin Template
  DevManView MultiArch - SameExe - DifferentFolder - SubExeFolder711.38 KB(v) Copy from Provide File MultiArchitecture Sub Folder with a sub executableProvide Files Plugin Template
  DevManView MultiArch - Same EXE Name - SubExeFolder - Example5152.91 KB(v) Copy from Provide File MultiArchitecture Sub Folder with a sub executableProvide Files Plugin Template
  PC Innounp521.86 MBPlugin Creator Innounp . Easy start preparation of Innounp plugins :>Lancelot
  RegCPE7914 KB(v1.4.2.0) Registry Convert PE - Convert .Reg to .Au3 & .Reg & .script to be used for PE Build Tasks Easily and Securely :).BlueLife, Lancelot
  Reg ReConvert920.47 KBReConvert premade .reg files to Normal Reg or ReReConvert with RegCPE :)Lancelot
  Resource Hacker411.5 KBMacro Plugin to use Resource Hacker inside plugins :> (To Download once and .... )Lancelot
  Support Log17418.23 KBExpands log functionality to next levels - Plugin Designed to be used by Other plugins (aka Macro Plugin)Lancelot
  Update Win8PESE (Exact and Secure)332.5 MBPlugin helps you to download 'exact' copy of 'project server' and to Update easily. Thanks to BlueLife for BLExactServerBlueLife, Lancelot
  Update Win8PE SE Info (Depricated - Reserved for Future Reference)25.85 KBInfo File for Update Win8PE SE Plugin (Depricated - Reserved for Future Reference)Lancelot
  UploadPlugin WebRoots for SE29.15 KBWeb Roots of SE serversLancelot
  UploadPlugin WebRoots for SE and Gena69.27 KBWeb Roots of SE servers and GenaLancelot
  WinContig61.21 MB(v1.35.04) The free file defragmentation tool. WinContig is an easy-to-use stand-alone defragmentation tool that doesn't create any installation directories or Registry entries on your computer. Its purpose is to quick defrag files without the need to defrag the whole disk...ChrisR

  PluginManager-All.ini113.3 KB

  Best Emulation1232.4 KBRuns your ISO with best possible (available) virtual machine (emulator)TheOven Chefs, Lancelot, Galapo, ChrisR, JFX
  qEmu Emulation241.57 MBRuns your ISO in QEMU (Thanks to Fabrice Bellard)TheOven Chefs :) and thanks to BlueLife
  VirtualBox Emulation601.18 MBRuns your PE ISO in VirtualBoxFxscrpt, JFX, Kare, Lancelot
  Virtual PC Emulation8114.3 KBRuns your ISO in Microsoft Virtual PCBeatZero, Lancelot
  VMware Emulation60109.24 KBRuns your ISO in VMware Player 2 & 3 - Workstation 5 & 6 & 7 - Serverbooty#1, TheOven Chefs (Galapo, Lancelot)

  ImgBurn ISO243.48 MB(v2.5.8.0) Burn Your Image to CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray .LIGHTNING UK
  Rufus161.12 MB(rufus-2.5.799) Rufus is a small utility that helps format and create bootable USB flash drives, such as USB keys/pendrives, memory sticks, etc.ChrisR
  Copy to USB-Device543.77 MBCopy WinPESE to any USB-Device, Use Grub4Dos and Grub2 (x64 UEFI only).booty#1, Doc, NightMan, ChrisR
  Copy to USB-Device BCD BootMGR52513.93 KBCopy WinPESE to any USB-Device, use BCD BootMGRNetFanTom, ChrisR


  Chinese.txt12.38 KB
  Dutch.txt18.17 KB
  English.txt17.35 KB
  French.txt20.45 KB
  German.txt18.12 KB
  Italian.txt18.53 KB
  Portuguese.txt16.01 KB
  Romanian.txt18.18 KB
  Russian.txt16.68 KB
  Russian_UTF8.rar7.16 KB
  Spanish.txt18.78 KB
  Turkish.txt20.74 KB
  z_Change_Language_1.png11.58 KB
  z_Change_Language_2.png15.44 KB
  z_Change_Language_3.png14.25 KB

  7z.dll969.5 KB
  7z.exe239 KB
  7z_License.txt1.88 KB
  Download_Pack.7z1.39 MB
  gsar.exe19.5 KB
  HiveUnload.exe645.88 KB
  InstallWimSYS.exe606.05 KB
  libeay32.dll1012 KB
  mkisofs.exe362.5 KB
  msvcr71.dll340 KB
  msvcr71.dll_ReadMe.txt208 Bytes
  PEChecksum.exe7.5 KB
  peimg.ini38 Bytes
  RegCPE.exe878.83 KB
  RegCPE.ini2.17 KB
  sCalculate.exe273.9 KB
  ssleay32.dll192 KB
  upx.exe277 KB
  webget.exe22.5 KB
  WGet.exe312 KB
  zPeIMG.exe436.09 KB

  7z.dll893 KB
  7z.exe160 KB
  7z920_Info.txt473 Bytes
  7z_License.txt1.88 KB

  hiderun.cpp1.92 KB

  AU3361.exe851.37 KB
  AU3381.exe864.73 KB
  ExpEnvVar_Info.txt904 Bytes
  ExpEnvVar_x64.exe760.95 KB
  gimagex.exe248.36 KB
  hiderun_Info.txt969 Bytes
  hiderun_x64.exe38.87 KB
  SetACL.exe2.24 MB
  WimUtil.exe423.86 KB

  libwim-15.dll738.5 KB
  wimlib-imagex.exe127.5 KB

  AU3361.exe727.87 KB
  AU3381.exe732.73 KB
  ExpEnvVar_Info.txt904 Bytes
  ExpEnvVar_x86.exe274.96 KB
  gimagex.exe192.86 KB
  hiderun_Info.txt969 Bytes
  hiderun_x86.exe1.5 KB
  SetACL.exe1.52 MB
  WimUtil.exe375.21 KB

  libwim-15.dll692.5 KB
  wimlib-imagex.exe119.5 KB


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