Win8PE SE - Required ADK Files

Before building Win8PE SE you must provide some Windows™ Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) files and place them in the PE project's Tools folder in accordance with your own Windows OS x86 or x64 architecture.
If You Do not Have Requested files first, They Will Be Only ONCE downloaded (10MB) DURING build by using the nice tool of JFX GetWaikTools.

You can also manually download them by using GetWaikTools script in Utils Folder.

- The required ADK files are those supported by your own Windows OS architecture. Win8PE SE can then be built using either a x86 or x64 Win8 source.

For Win8 Source DVD

Files from Win8 ADK (adk\adksetup.exe) are mandatory for Win8 builds:

Version info for the required files:

bcdedit.exe v6.2.9200.16384
imagex.exe v6.2.9200.16384
oscdimg.exe v2.56.0.1010
wimgapi.dll v6.2.9200.16384
wimmount.sys v6.2.9200.16384
wimserv.exe v6.2.9200.16384

Where to put the files:

If your Windows OS is x86:
- \Projects\Tools\Win8PESE\x86\bcdedit.exe
- \Projects\Tools\Win8PESE\x86\imagex.exe
- \Projects\Tools\Win8PESE\x86\oscdimg.exe
- \Projects\Tools\Win8PESE\x86\wimgapi.dll
- \Projects\Tools\Win8PESE\x86\wimmount.inf
- \Projects\Tools\Win8PESE\x86\wimmount.sys
- \Projects\Tools\Win8PESE\x64\wimserv.exe

If your Windows OS is x64:
- \Projects\Tools\Win8PESE\x64\bcdedit.exe
- \Projects\Tools\Win8PESE\x64\imagex.exe
- \Projects\Tools\Win8PESE\x64\oscdimg.exe
- \Projects\Tools\Win8PESE\x64\wimgapi.dll
- \Projects\Tools\Win8PESE\x64\wimmount.inf
- \Projects\Tools\Win8PESE\x64\wimmount.sys
- \Projects\Tools\Win8PESE\x64\wimserv.exe